Hide in Plain Sight Play in Hindsight

Slide in Plain Height

The precarious social conditions of our time demand constant availability, total flexibility, and endless creativity, but do not offer any security, recovery, or togetherness. Overtaken by the discomfort of anxiety, The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra try to stuff the holes, control whatever possible, meditate, hide in plain sight, pack their 72-hour survival bag, and make plans, plans, plans to escape.

Inside a tent-like parasitic hideout, the artists perform texts, sounds, rituals and actions relating to the precarious social conditions of late capitalism. Nearby, on a screen, the performance can be watched on video from four surveillance cameras surveilling the artists and the surroundings.

The Performance duo The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra has investigated precarious working conditions, neoliberal capitalism and the artist as worker through various experiments and research areas. With their backgrounds in choreography and scenography and visual arts, the duo has developed a unique expression, combining strong visual elements and playful experimentations with language, voice and text.

Tour Spring 2018

Mad House / Helsinki / 8 - 10 March >>>

K├Âttinspektionen Dans / Uppsala / 22, 23 & 25 March >>>

Studio 17 / Stavanger / 7 April >>>

Supported by:

The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Nordic Culture Point