Spells & Compost

The Multifauna Junk Orchestra

Spells & Compost

With the work Spells & Compost the duo begins a new research, dreaming new dreams together, a project that looks into spells, speculative futurism and material ecocriticism. Using the garbage room as prop storage, The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra experiment with homemade lo-fi instruments, live mixed video and their own untrained voices in a chaos poetic performance together with the multifauna that inhabit and share our lives and bodies.

The performance premiered at Uppsala Konstmuseum on 28 nov 2019, and was presented at Weld, Stockholm last spring.

Performances 2021

K├Âttinspektionen, Uppsala, curated by Haka, during the exhibition Happimess by Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

"All Flesh is Hay" Gislaved Konsthall

Fylkingen, Stockholm

Supported by:

Swedish Arts Council, K├Âttinspektionen Dans

Trailer by: Patriez van der Wens