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Photo: Frida Sandström

The Disengaged Free Jazz Orchestra disengaging with Deleuzian discourse at the Deleuze Studies Daughters of Chaos Conference at Konstfack. 

They were commissioned by The Blob to perform at the conference dinner. Their new song The Blob says, is a parasite sucking on the knowledge and creative nerve of the conference participants.

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The Blob Says:

(lyrics for improvisation)

The Blob says that Christopher Brown says:

- polylingualism is a way of resisting the universalizing impulse implicit in an official language

- becoming Felix

The Blob says that Adrian Parr says:

- People lose themselves, their habits, stereotypes, and norms in imagination to the point where another person, animal, or for that matter living entity’s story can become your own story.

- Imagination subverts closure, stirs forth a sense of shared experience, massages the unfamiliar amidst familiarity, and hereby sensitizes people to difference and differentiation.

- For this reason imagination is integral to political change, inspiring us to experiment with alternatives to what currently exists.



power snakes


Web 2.0

melancholic paralysis



The Blob says that Daniel W. Smith says:

- prosthesis

- proto-technicity

- exodarwinism

- de-specialization




- totipotence

The Blob says that Tae Soon Chang says:

- repetition is boring

- if you travel in space you might get younger

The Blob says that Fredrika Spindler says that Deleuze says:

-that what shatters us in the end are never the great accidents that

strike us: “all these noisy accidents already have their outright effects;

and they would not be sufficient in themselves had they not dug their

way down to something of a wholly different nature which, on the

contrary, they reveal only at a distance and when it’s too late, – the

silent crack.”




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The Blob talks of a semiotics of subjectification

The style of the blob is adequate. Punctuate. Actuate. S i n g u l a r a z e.

The Blob folds and folds and folds

The Blob is virtually present

The Blob does matter

The Blob does matter

The Blob Says: Matter!

The Blob folds. Changes memory. Changes time.

The Blob Says: Truth is a matter of genitality

The Blob rises through the tide of repetitions.

The Body of enunciations produce effects, which produce a body.


Time is an essence. The Blob says it produces an effect.

This is subjectification. The Blob says.

The Blob says: I am a war machine.





S i n g u l a r i z e


la Borde



The Blob says that Iain Campbell says that Deleuze and Guattari says that Cage says that:

- experimentation simply as the production of “an act the outcome of which is unknown”

The Blob says that Simon O’Sullivan says:

-That capitalism names two moments or movements: a primary one of deterritorialisation and then a secondary one of reterritorialisation that captures and siphons off surplus value from this prior moment

-There is nothing to understand anyway

The Blob says that Gary Genosco says:

-Horizontal or vertical–that is not even the question since a creature of the between like transversality must constitute its own set of original, polydimensional and polycentered operations in creating an atmosphere conducive to the appreciation of everybody’s singularity’







respawn permadeth










locus amoenus

The Blob says that Catherine Ferguson says:

- AG

The Blob says that Gregory Minissale says:

- plurism=monism

- Mind Wandering in Dirt and Art

… that Deleuze says:

- Art is not chaos it is a composition of chaos.